Arrivals 23-27/2022

Die Neuvorstellungen der letzten 5 Wochen in einer kompakten Mini-Playlist zusammen gestellt. Bitte votet für alle Neuzugänge über die farbigen Smilies, um die Qualität eurer Playliste dauerhaft verbessern zu können. Vielen Dank für eure Mithilfe und viel Spaß beim Voten! 🙂

Playlist Update 23-27/2022 with 25 new songs:

Chris Huelsbeck – A new direction
Chris Huelsbeck – A way out (Machine’s maze)
Chris Huelsbeck – Turn fear into hope
CZ-Tunes – Enforcer (Title remix)
D4XX – Hard ’n‘ Heavy (Extended remix)
D4XX – Hired Guns – Character Select (Extended remix)
Dr. Future – Traz
Everie – Yesterday
Fabian Del Priore – Nightrunner
FZN – Deformata
gibs – Cream of the earth
JLD – Hypnopompa
Johan Andersson – Cybernoid (Surf mix)
Jorito feat. Fiddledo – Xenogears – Dancing in the sky [OC ReMix]
LukHash – Coin Op Hero
LukHash – Keygen
Makke – 3 Chn Gametune (SID Celebration)
Oxx – Boulder Dash (Amusement Park Loudspeaker remix)
Oxx – Rebel Title (Remake)
Oxx – Trivia v2 – TH3 Plugin Experiment
Ryan Davis Music – Aquaria – Immemorial waters [OC ReMix]
Shogoon – Do nothing for 3 minutes
Teo – Hyperion Flux
Tim Forsyth – Parallax Mini EP – The Past, Present and Future
Tremendouz – Star Fox Adventures – A sacred place [OC ReMix]

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Playlist Update 15-18/2022 with 11 new songs:

Alysius – Neon Lights
Boogeyman – Space Gravitation
Eivind Sommersten – CNP Intro (In the darkness)
faRk – Space Quest III – Verdensrommet [OC ReMix]
Gaspode – Super Metroid – Concealed Caverns [OC ReMix]
Johan Andersson – The Great Giana Sisters
Neon X – Chrono Trigger – Neons of time [OC ReMix]
Pixel Pirates – Donkey Kong Country 2 – Dancing Bossanova [OC ReMix]
Roz – Distant Discotheque
Tim Forsyth & Yogi – Prax 2 da Max
Turbo Knight – War of Freedom – Part 2

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Playlist Update 10-14/2022 with 5 new songs:

Chris Huelsbeck – Locked & Loaded
Eivind Sommersten – Illusions (I can’t get enough)
Johan Andersson – Golden Axe (Western mix)
The Good Ice – Stardew Valley – Raven’s Dream [OC ReMix]
Tim Forsyth – Gauntlet III vs. Plok

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Playlist Update 49-52/2021 with 8 new songs:

Alysius – Revived
Brink-of-Time – Secret of Evermore – Everstreams through evermore [OC ReMix]
cube – Rings of Medusa
Glyn R Brown – Rastan 2019
Kraku – Halifax 2021
Laurikka – Death Wish III
MkVaff – Mega Man 9 – Burning up the floor [OC ReMix]
Tim Forsyth – London Demo (Christmas at Reyn’s mix)

Furthermore all songs from „Daxx“ has been renamed to „D4XX“ and updated to the latest YouTube-Archive and productions (over 50 new songs!). So don’t be surprised at the new name. 😉

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Playlist Update 41-44/2021 with 7 new songs:

AxsFin – Falcon
BeeZerk – Prelude & Fugato
Dr. Future – Lightforce (2021 edit)
Eivind Sommersten – Gaplus
MkVaff – Donkey Kong Country 2 – Coming Home [OC ReMix]
Sami Seppae (Rock) – Jeroenimo
Tim Forsyth – Lightforce

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