Playlist Update 49-52/2021 with 8 new songs:

Alysius – Revived
Brink-of-Time – Secret of Evermore – Everstreams through evermore [OC ReMix]
cube – Rings of Medusa
Glyn R Brown – Rastan 2019
Kraku – Halifax 2021
Laurikka – Death Wish III
MkVaff – Mega Man 9 – Burning up the floor [OC ReMix]
Tim Forsyth – London Demo (Christmas at Reyn’s mix)

Furthermore all songs from „Daxx“ has been renamed to „D4XX“ and updated to the latest YouTube-Archive and productions (over 50 new songs!). So don’t be surprised at the new name. 😉

Please keep voting songs from our website. 🙂