Playlist Update 9+10/2019 with 33 new songs:

Alkama – Dumdumdum
Alpa – Bosscat
Anders Enger Jensen – Rainbow Dreams
Bacter – Invisible
BMan – Confidence
Chronberg – Dick da Vinci and Planet Pow
Cube – Bullet Sequence (Byproduct remix)
CZ-Tunes – Sidthies
Czyszy – Detana!! TwinBee – My friend, the wind OC ReMix
Danko – 8-Bit Boys
Dave Lowe – Carrier Command (Dr. Future’s Top Gun edit)
Dr. Future – Druid
Emortal – Keep going
Gerd Bahl – Thing on a Spring
httpster – Come On
Jeroen Tel – JT in Space (DMC’s man on the moon dub)
Jogeir Liljedahl & Rapture – The Lost Wiener (2D Sexy mix)
Jogeir Liljedahl – Exotic Bliss
Justin Tense – Donkey Kong Country – The teCtonic reCords OC ReMix
Lea – Disgrace (Dreamers remix)

Playlist Update 45+46/2018 with 7 new songs:

Armandox – Lizardking’s Theme
David Filskov feat. Jesper of PPOT – Thrust
DDRKirby(ISQ) – Brave Fencer Musashi – Me and my Game Boy OC ReMix
Dr. Future – Battle Valley (Fire Power)
Grospixels – Future Knight (Main Theme)
MRT – Atmosphere
SHEN LON – Last Ninja – Wastelands (In-Game)

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