Arrivals 23-27/2022

Die Neuvorstellungen der letzten 5 Wochen in einer kompakten Mini-Playlist zusammen gestellt. Bitte votet für alle Neuzugänge über die farbigen Smilies, um die Qualität eurer Playliste dauerhaft verbessern zu können. Vielen Dank für eure Mithilfe und viel Spaß beim Voten! 🙂

Playlist Update 23-27/2022 with 25 new songs:

Chris Huelsbeck – A new direction
Chris Huelsbeck – A way out (Machine’s maze)
Chris Huelsbeck – Turn fear into hope
CZ-Tunes – Enforcer (Title remix)
D4XX – Hard ’n‘ Heavy (Extended remix)
D4XX – Hired Guns – Character Select (Extended remix)
Dr. Future – Traz
Everie – Yesterday
Fabian Del Priore – Nightrunner
FZN – Deformata
gibs – Cream of the earth
JLD – Hypnopompa
Johan Andersson – Cybernoid (Surf mix)
Jorito feat. Fiddledo – Xenogears – Dancing in the sky [OC ReMix]
LukHash – Coin Op Hero
LukHash – Keygen
Makke – 3 Chn Gametune (SID Celebration)
Oxx – Boulder Dash (Amusement Park Loudspeaker remix)
Oxx – Rebel Title (Remake)
Oxx – Trivia v2 – TH3 Plugin Experiment
Ryan Davis Music – Aquaria – Immemorial waters [OC ReMix]
Shogoon – Do nothing for 3 minutes
Teo – Hyperion Flux
Tim Forsyth – Parallax Mini EP – The Past, Present and Future
Tremendouz – Star Fox Adventures – A sacred place [OC ReMix]

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Playlist Update 30+31/2020 with 24 new songs:

(G)eoRGe – Tears from the moon (Under COVID pressure mix)
Allister Brimble – Fantasy World Dizzy
Allister Brimble – Gloom
Allister Brimble – Speedball 2 (Movie mix)
Anthony Milas – Super Skidmarks
Brian Sadler – Banshee
Carl Jermy – Top Secret
Chris Huelsbeck – Gravity Power
Eladar – Sonic & Knuckles – Volcanic Glass [OC ReMix]
Fabian Del Priore – Blob
Fabian Del Priore – Datastorm
Instant Remedy – Coma
Instant Remedy – Super Tennis Champs
Jeroen Tel – Monster Business
Jogeir Liljedahl – Deluxe Galaga – The Alibi
Jogeir Liljedahl – Deluxe Pac-Man – Overture
Key Jay – Kingdom Hearts II – Weight of the other promise (Overdrive battle mix) [OC ReMix]
Martin Dodd – Times of Lore (Club for heroes mix)
Matthias Steinwachs – No Second Prize
Mike Clarke – Bill’s Tomato Game
Neverback Music – Kingdom Hearts – Birth by sleep – Sleeping beauty makes a horrible nightmare [OC ReMix]
Pator – Moonlight’s Demise
Sami Arola feat. Helena Haaparanta – Sensible World of Soccer – Goal Scoring Superstar Hero
Tim Wright – Scorched Tanks – Horizon’s Edge

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Playlist Update 11-14/2020 with 10 new songs:

ALPA – Enigma – A final Hyperbuss to Motala (ALPA Spaceninja remix)
Black Ace – Kyatto Ninden Teyandee – TEYANDEE [OC ReMix]
Ctrl-Z – Spy vs Spy
Fabian Del Priore – Apprentice (Title remix)
Fabian Del Priore – Cyberpunks
ibux – Whispered Dreams (Whipped with Xur’s Scepter)
LMan – X’98
Rebecca E. Tripp – Chrono Cross – Anti-Annihilation Matrix [OC ReMix]
Rebecca E. Tripp – Legend of Zelda – Skyward Sword – Hidden Shrines [OC ReMix]
XxDUSTYxX – Shadow of the Beast – Inside the tree (Metal Tribute)

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Playlist Update 3-6/2020 with 9 new songs:

Chris Huelsbeck – Galactic Light (Instrumental)
Chris Huelsbeck – Generations
Chris Huelsbeck – Mesmerizing Vista
Chris Huelsbeck – Ocean Highway
Deedubs – Skies of Arcadia – The Silver Crystal [OC ReMix]
Dr. Future – Barry McGuigan World Championship Boxing
Fabian del Priore – Traz (Rapture Remix)
Johan Andersson – Last Ninja 2 – Basement Loader
Wobbler – My instinct (It’s on tonights situation)

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Playlist Update 29-31/2019 with 15 new songs:

Bitbear – That Flateby Feeling
Chris Belair – Bomberman Hero – Post Hyper Room [OC ReMix]
cube – Leander – Title
Darkman007 – Robocop 3 – Title (Synth Cover)
Dr. Future – Turrican 1 – Outpost
Fabian del Priore – Sunset Shuffle (Pina Colada mix)
Hansee & Mordi – Candystore
Jorito & OC Remix Friends – Undertale – Guided by hopes and dreams [OC ReMix]
Peter Clarke – Nemesis – The Arrival (1st wave)
Peter Clarke – Shadowfire (The Retro Remix)
pOWL – Ausfuehrbare Musik
Saga Musix – Unknown Paths
Sinatra – Polaris
Wayfinder – Jack Mesa
Xerxes – Three point two

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