Arrivals 44-47/2022

Die Neuvorstellungen der letzten 4 Wochen in einer kompakten Mini-Playlist zusammen gestellt. Bitte votet für alle Neuzugänge über die farbigen Smilies, um die Qualität eurer Playliste dauerhaft verbessern zu können. Vielen Dank für eure Mithilfe und viel Spaß beim Voten! 🙂

Playlist Update 44-47/2022 with 16 new songs:

0supereg0 – Last Ninja (Shanghai Blues)
CJR83 – Night Crawler
D4XX – Pinball Illusions – Intro (Extended remix)
DDRKirby(ISQ) – Diddy Kong Racing – Chill beats to race to [OC ReMix]
Dj Space – Giana Sisters (Final Battle mix)
Dr. Future – Beyond (The Uptempo mix)
Eivind Sommersten – Counting Floors
Glyn R Brown – Camel Riders Inc.
Ini – Lizardking’s Theme (2021 remake)
LukHash – 8-Bit Warrior
Oxx – Angel Face (Back to Basics remix)
Reyn Ouwehand – Sweet
Rock & JLD – Massive Wormhole
Space One – The night (Galaxy mix)
Tim Forsyth – LED Storm – Highscore
Turbo Knight feat. Indigo – Shadows

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Playlist Update 32+33/2020 with 22 new songs:

Anthony Walters – Zoids (Epic vocal soundtrack)
DDRKirby(ISQ) – Chrono Trigger – Horizons of time [OC ReMix]
Eightbm (8bm) – Rakka Geometry 3.14
Eivind Sommersten – Robocop (Main title)
Johan Andersson – Blond Blubber
Johan Andersson – Last Ninja 2 – Central Park (Western mix)
Katamari, Sagnewshreds, Trohnics, Manny – Power Drift – Velocity (Fueled by Sake) [OC ReMix]
Kjetiln – Storm Warrior – Highscore Theme
Magnar – Thats the way it is
Marcel Donne – Sky Runnner
NecroPolo – A new life 2 (Hokuto Force remix)
Pattraxx – Wake up (Extended mix)
Peter Clarke – Space Harrier
Peter Clarke, ziona & Slaygon – Tales of Boon (The collaboration mix)
Schtiffles – Tetris – T-Spin [OC ReMix]
Sonic Wanderer – Ball Blasta Highscore (Chasm of Eternity)
Subdream – Been here before
Teo – Arrow damage
Teo – Could be cool (Could be remix)
Vincenzo – Ground (Pump up the Insomnia)
Wobbler – Hawkeye (Another day to live through)
Zeropage – Subconsciousness

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Playlist Update 43+44/2019 with 14 new songs:

ALPA – IK+ (Bergen Boogie Remix)
B-laze – Star Fox – Crosswind [OC ReMix]
DDRKirby(ISQ) – Legend of Zelda – Link’s Awakening – Domain of Darkness [OC ReMix]
DMC – Dominando (BITLive 2019 remix)
Hazel – Lake Acid (There is something down there)
Hazel – When the sun is gone
Jogeir Liljedahl – Chronicles
Johan Andersson – Myth (2nd attempt mix)
Mordi feat. Lea – Lightforce
Pavos – Seiken Densetsu 3 – For King and Country [OC ReMix]
SIDNIFY – Last Ninja 2 – The Mansion & Ace II
Teo – Bombjack
Tom Janes feat. PROTODOME – Zelda – Link’s Awakening – Head south to the beach
WillRock & DaMonz – Zelda – Link’s Awakening – The Legend of Marin (Field)

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Playlist Update 17+18/2019 with 9 new songs:

Airon – Winter is not coming
DDRKirby(ISQ) – Mega Man 2 – Air Man’s 9-bit Rock and Roll [OC ReMix]
FatMeow – Future Kawaii
Gerd Bahl – That’s the way it is – Main (regular)
Guifrog – Phantasy Star IV – Sakura Storm [OC ReMix]
Hogzz – Lion
LMan – Run, little squirrel
Sir NutS – Tintin – Prisoners of the sun – Partons a l’Aventure [OC ReMix]
Teo – B.T.S.

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