Playlist Update 32+33/2020 with 22 new songs:

Anthony Walters – Zoids (Epic vocal soundtrack)
DDRKirby(ISQ) – Chrono Trigger – Horizons of time [OC ReMix]
Eightbm (8bm) – Rakka Geometry 3.14
Eivind Sommersten – Robocop (Main title)
Johan Andersson – Blond Blubber
Johan Andersson – Last Ninja 2 – Central Park (Western mix)
Katamari, Sagnewshreds, Trohnics, Manny – Power Drift – Velocity (Fueled by Sake) [OC ReMix]
Kjetiln – Storm Warrior – Highscore Theme
Magnar – Thats the way it is
Marcel Donne – Sky Runnner
NecroPolo – A new life 2 (Hokuto Force remix)
Pattraxx – Wake up (Extended mix)
Peter Clarke – Space Harrier
Peter Clarke, ziona & Slaygon – Tales of Boon (The collaboration mix)
Schtiffles – Tetris – T-Spin [OC ReMix]
Sonic Wanderer – Ball Blasta Highscore (Chasm of Eternity)
Subdream – Been here before
Teo – Arrow damage
Teo – Could be cool (Could be remix)
Vincenzo – Ground (Pump up the Insomnia)
Wobbler – Hawkeye (Another day to live through)
Zeropage – Subconsciousness

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Playlist Update 33-36/2018 with 7 new songs

Kent Wallden – Vortex (Trace Treatment)
Radiowar – Uncharted 4 – Some Distance OC ReMix
SHEN LON – Ocean Loader
Slaygon – Deep shit (serum in your veins)
Vincenzo – Cycles
Wobbler – Boneless (Stressless)
Wobbler – Crosswords (Ladadidaompaompa)

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