Playlist Update 31+32/2018 with 12 new songs:

Aikapallo – Rise from the ashes
Aknotronic – Pinball Dreams (Beatbox remix)
Chipremacy – Inhumanae Chipremacy
DJ Joge – Summer Scorchin (Supreme heatwave mix)
Ephmerix – The Derelict
Gaspode – Dream of better days
HBR – Eolian
K-Line – Step it up
Old Moubit – Vice old man
Proper Disco – 2015
Saga Musix – Floating
ToxicxEternity – Legend of Zelda – The Wind Waker – The swaggin dragon OC ReMix

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Playlist Update 29+30/2018 with 22 new songs:

Bitbear – Bear Hugs Forever
Cerror – Archon
Chimpazilla – Tangledeep – Bollywood nights (Desert Villa)
Chimpazilla – Tangledeep – Secret garden (Tutorial Dungeon)
Chris Huelsbeck – A day at the beach
Chris Huelsbeck – Cloud Pulse
Chris Huelsbeck – Desert sunrise
Chris Huelsbeck – Through the blizzard
Chris Huelsbeck – To the mountain top
Chris Huelsbeck – Visions of Tyrell
Crono – Last Ninja 3 – Earth (2018 mix)
Dale North – Tangledeep – Riverstone Serenade (Town)
DaMonz – Tangledeep – Prepare to learn (Training)
DJ Mokram – Sega Rally Championship – Green dust highway
FastLoaders – One man and his droid
FastLoaders – Skate or die
Jorito – Shovel Knight – Shovel Power OC ReMix
MusicWizard – Druid II
Rozovian – Legend of Zelda – Breath of the Wild – Windborne OC ReMix
Sinatra – Tissepause
SoundLogic – Nemesis the Warlock
Wobble – Skylift

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WinUAE 4.0.1 erschienen

Gestern erschien eine neue Version des beliebten Amiga-Emulators mit ein paar Bugfixes des letzten großen Updates. Folgende Änderungen wurden vorgenommen:

4.0.0 bugs fixed:

  • Enabled “Minimize when focus is lost” option caused crash in some situations.
  • 64-bit FPU mode always changed back to 80-bit if config file was loaded.
  • 80-bit native FPU mode FREM and FMOD returned wrong results.
  • RTG statefile restore didn’t restore screen state completely.

Other bugs fixed:

  • “Minimize when focus is lost” incorrectly activated when switching modes in some situations.
  • “Minimize when focus is lost” minimized main emulation window when GUI was open and main window lost focus.
  • If CPU panel FPU mode select menu was active and then some other panel was opened: JIT was switched off.
  • CD audio play from real/virtual CD (not from directly mounted image file) didn’t restart correctly if audio settings changed.
  • Only some emulated SCSI controllers flashed CD led when emulating a CD drive.
  • input.keyboard_type was always read as Amiga keyboard. If PC layout was set as default, keyboard layout was read incorrectly from config file.
  • Amiga reset during active RTG rendering in RTG Multithread mode could have caused a crash.
  • RTG Multithread mode display refreshing was unreliable in 8-bit modes when palette changed.
  • Finally fixed corrupted drag and drop graphics in Harddrives and Disk Swapper panel.
  • When inserting previously connected USB input device, previous device type (Gamepad, CD32 pad etc) and autofire mode (if any) was not restored.
  • Clipboard sharing could have attempted to transfer data to Amiga side after program had taken over the system, possibly overwriting memory.

New features:

  • Environmental variables (%variable%) in paths are not anymore resolved immediately when config is loaded but only when needed without modifying original path, preserving original path if config file is saved again.
  • Added full statefile absolute/relative path support. Loading statefile will restore correct paths even if absolute/relative path mode was changed after saving the statefile.
  • D3D9 and D3D11 VSync mode (both lagless and standard) 100/120Hz support with optional black frame insertion.
  • 68060 FPU was not disabled after soft reset if 68060 was configured without emulated 68060 accelerator board, causing reset loop.

New emulated expansions:

  • QuikPak 4060

Die aktuelle Version hier es hier.

Playlist Update 25+26/2018 with 7 new songs:

3P0P – Sonic the Hedgehog – Supersonic OC ReMix
Argle – Super Mario RPG – Riptide rush OC ReMix
Hoffman – Half of the time
Ivan Hakstok – Tekken 7 – The old man and the devil OC ReMix
Johan Andersson – Hawkeye (Recharging mix)
MkVaff – Final Fantasy VII – Cosmo OC ReMix
Solstice – Wobble

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