Playlist Update 29+30/2021 with 7 new songs:

DMC – Cooperation Demo (No strings attached)
Johan Andersson – Dragons Lair II (Chilled river mix)
Jorito feat. Gamer of the Winds, Juan Medrano – Okami – Hanagasumi [OC ReMix]
Malmen – Overdue
Nigel Simmons – Legend of Zelda – A Link to the Past – Seal of seven sages [OC ReMix]
Slaygon – Microprose Soccer (Chug it)
Slaygon – Transmission 64

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Playlist Update 34-36/2019 with 12 new songs:

Jogeir Liljedahl – Challenge of the Gobots (Tribute to Ben)
LightSide – Outrun – Magical Sound Shower (Piano Live)
Malmen – Lustrous (Radio edit)
Master of Cowbells – Erebus (mOc Bock mix)
Peter Clarke – Firelord – Symphonic
Peter Clarke – Tai-Pan (an ear movie)
Rebecca E. Tripp – Undertale – A brief respite [OC ReMix]
Siegfried Kaercher – Insert Disk 2
Sir NutS – Twin Cobra – Blade Pitch [OC ReMix]
tenfour – Swim & Tonic
timaeus222 – Tangledeep – In the heart of home [OC ReMix]
Traymuss – Project Odyssey

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Playlist Update 5+6/2019 with 9 new songs:

APZX – Final Fantasy IV – Devotion to the Motif OC ReMix
Jorito & OC Remix Friends – Skies of Arcadia – To the horizon OC ReMix
Little Bitchard – All your base (are belong to us)
Magnar – M.U.L.E (Slow-Electro)
Malmen – Enfold
Malmen – Silver Sparkles
Mergente – Voyage
StormSkuggan – Chrono Trigger – Save the future OC ReMix
xtrium – xtrium’s template

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